Nicolas Guerin

Turn On to Now

BY: Jes Zurell

You wouldn’t look at Nicolas Guerin’s photography and think to yourself, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” At least we didn’t. Then again, we look at thousands of images every day in our hunt for the world’s most provocative content, so we’ve seen some things we can’t unsee.

The most common accusation made of today’s aspiring photographers is that their work has been done before. Someone else screwed that style from every angle ten years ago. Their favorite subject played out with parachute pants and crimped hair. The person in the portrait is famous beyond the point of being interesting, perhaps. The list goes on.

Critics, theorists and trend hunters alike fall into step with the Drum of the Done more easily with each passing hashtag, without ever considering that maybe we don’t want to be surprised.

But when we looked at Guerin’s Instagram profile, this realization seduced us: Photography in the age of Instagram isn’t about new toys, new editing tricks, or playing dodgeball with what’s already been “done”; it’s an exercise in feeling the present, because you’ll never get the present back once it’s gone.

Never never.

The point isn’t to reinvent your favorite sex position or to do it in a different set of sheets; the long game isn’t played via tireless pursuit of the new. Real endurance is actually an ongoing celebration of the now.

With that, we invite you to check out this selection of our favorite pieces from Guerin’s profile. Screw whatever others have done before. This is just about right now; presence is good for you.

nicolas guerin photograph


nicolas guerin photographer


photograph of a threesome by nicolas guerin


nicolas guerin photograph of a woman


nude photo by nicolas guerin


retro style photography by nicolas guerin


nicolas guerin photograph in paris france


unusual portrait of Tilda Swinton by nicolas guerin


nude photo by nicolas guerin


nude photo by nicolas guerin


black and white portrait by nicolas guerin