FOAM Brooklyn

20 Phototgraphers shaping the future of phototgraphy

Landscape #16, from the series Transposition, 2017 © Mark Dorf

BY: Jes Zurell

Photography is its own animal, ready to move when one of its limbs falls asleep. The art form has moved from plates to black-and-white prints, from digital to the pervasive art of the selfie, but it’s difficult to encapsulate the photographic zeitgeist of today with one movement. This is where the new Foam show gets it right.

Opening on March 22, Foam returns to Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn, New York to present Foam Talent; the group exhibition bringing together 20 international artists whose work explores a myriad of subjects and techniques representing a cross section of the current state of photography.

The submissions constitute a cross section of the various ways in which contemporary photographers approach the ever-evolving photographic medium and reveal a series of growing trends and tendencies. Many of the featured artists express socio-political concerns in their work.

Hari Srikhao comments on the divine status of the monarchy in his homeland Thailand, while Thomas Kuipers researches how online imagery feeds a collective fear of terrorism. Questions of identity and representation remain important themes for a new generation of photographers. This becomes apparent in the vulnerable and at times grotesque visualization of the body by Alix Marie. The radiant studio portraits of Namsa Leuba draw on her Guinese origin. A striking number of long term projects are included, as well, including work by Vasantha Yogananthan, who travelled the length of India to follow the footsteps of the Hindu deity Rama.

Through a myriad of subjects and techniques, this new generation of inspiring photographers reflects on the nature, history and development of the photographic medium. While no point of view is immune to growing stale, the show offers a fresh, sexy insight to photography today.

Weronika Gesicka - Cover Foam Magazine #48
Cover Foam Magazine #48 Talent. Untitled #1, 2015, From the series Traces (2015-’17) © Weronika Gesicka


Erik Madigan Heck - Interpreter of Dreams
From the series Kawakubo: Interpreter of Dreams, 2017 © Erik Madigan Heck


Vasantha Yogananthan - Secret Door
Secret Door, 2016, from the series A Myth of Two Souls, 2013 – ongoing © Vasantha Yogananthan


Weronika Gesicka - Untitled #1
Untitled #1, 2015, from the series Traces, 2015-2017 © Weronika Gesicka


Mark Dorf - Landscape #16
Landscape #16, from the series Transposition, 2017 © Mark Dorf