Finally, Tyler Mitchell

The powerful rise of a photographer

All Images by Tyler Mitchell


The photographer, 23 year old Tyler Mitchell, made history by shooting Beyonce for Vogue’s September cover. It is a groundbreaking achievement for an incredibly talented, young artist. Beyonce’s magical and powerful hand made it happen. She had negotiated creative control for the shoot from Vogue and risked a lot to be inclusive. Tyler delivered an odd, off balance and wonderfully strong portrait.

African American photographers have been set free in a way. It’s about time. Only it feels about 100 years late. There have been talented black photographers working for years and most of them unrecognized and under appreciated. One can imagine the results if Gordon Parks, Carrie Mae Weems, or Deborah Willis had been given the opportunity to shoot the cover of Vogue. How exciting those images would have been. We have missed so much creativity because of racist invisible and unspoken rules.

Here at last, we are being exposed to new talent from a forbidden pool and we are so impressed with Tyler Mitchell’s masterful images on his well created Instagram page and elsewhere. He is visually astutely aware and an instinctual weaver of color, light and texture as his lens captures the faces of a new humanness.  To see more of Tyler’s photos, check out his amazing Instagram page:

Tyler Mitchell photograph of the back of a women covered with sand wearing a blue one piece bathing suit sitting on a beach


Tyler Mitchell photograph of a women's hand with hot pink painted nails


Tyler Mitchell Photograph of a African American Model Lying on Her Back on Gold Floral Silk with Her Arms Outstretched Behind Her Head and Wearing a White Body Suit Shirt


Tyler Mitchell photograph of shallow water with white bubbles over green textured sand


Tyler Mitchell Photograph of Beyonce Sitting on a Blue Carpeted Staircase with bare legs wide open wearing a full white and black printed hoop skirt


Tyler Mitchell Photograph of a Young Androgynous Face Shrouded in Red with Pierced Tongue


Tyler Mitchell Photograph of a Very Pregnant Woman with Short Red Afro


Tyler Mitchell photograph of a Female Model with Machine Gun Tattoo


Tyler Mitchell photograph of a Young Model wearing turquoise polo and floral shirt


Tyler Mitchell photograph of a Man wearing mask and snorkel in a bag filled with water