Xtina’s Sexxy Comeback

Aguilera "Accelerates" The Party Life

BY: Rudie Obias

Christina Aguilera is back! After taking a six-year hiatus from recording, the 37-year-old pop star is reinventing her sound, while also returning to her “dirty” image of hypersexual misadventures. “Accelerate” is a new collaboration with singer Ty Dolla $ign and rapper 2 Chainz, as it’s also the lead single from her upcoming album, Liberation.

Produced by Kanye West — who is having a very public “difficult time/meltdown” in pop culture at the moment (We’re worried about you, Yeezy. Seek help!) — with Che Pope (Lauryn Hill, Eminem) and Mike Dean (Jay-Z), “Accelerate” seems like a reconstruction and hodge-podge of multiple hip-hop and R&B songs mixed together to make one pop song/hot club track. Honestly, it feels more like a song rejected by Rihanna, instead of something from Christina Aguilera.

The result is really based on the listener; it might seem progressive with its unconventional beats and hooks, while it also might seem disjointed as a pop song. But whoever the listener, I think you can agree it’s really bold, aggressive, and an attention-grabber, to say the least. It’s almost the perfect way to embark on a comeback too. Either way, you have to take notice!

The music video, directed by Zoey Grossman, is also a visual hodge-podge full of closeups of Aguilera’s seductive and glittery lips, which are spliced with frames of her wet, naked and exposed body. It’s more art school experiment than pop song music video, but it works with Aguilera’s sensibilities and style with lyrics like,

“I’ll be with my ladies you can find me there
Try to play us, we gon’ start a riot up in here
Accelerate, c’mon babe, pick up your speed
Stamina, fill me up, that’s what I need.”

Liberation, which features a duet with Demi Lovato and a collaboration with Keida and Shenseea, drops on Spotify and Apple Music on June 15.