Troye Sivan Acts Up

The Aussie Singer "Blooms" in film Boy Erased

Lucas Hedges in "Boy Erased"

BY: Tiffany Goldstein

South African-born Australian singer, actor, and YouTube sensation, Troye Sivan is on the brink of becoming the 21st century’s most admired pop culture icon. Sivan is not your typical internet-born celebrity but someone who is taking his talents to new heights to make a difference in our society. He grabbed our attention back in 2015 when he released his debut studio album Blue Neighborhood, and its lead single “Youth.” This hit became Sivan’s first single to enter the Billboard Hot 100 list, earned him an ARIA award, and a strong relationship with the LGBTQ community.

Now, he is releasing his second album, Bloom. This is Sivan’s sexual journal of his experiences as a gay man in the entertainment industry and the journey behind self-discovery. Bloom was inspired by his boyfriend/American model Jacob Bixenman and is packed with sexual innuendos. Although we see queer musicians rising to the top every day, we are still captivated by gay lifestyles and the LGBTQ community. Therefore, Troye Sivan saw this album as an opportunity to change stereotypes and mainstream expectations.

“We’ve just got to keep on going until we get to the point where we really feel like it’s a non-issue and we can sing about all the same things that everybody else sings about,” Sivan tells The Sydney Morning Herald.

To deliver his message, the “My My My!” singer is teaming up and going on tour with Ally Coalition. While both artists travel around North American performing, they will be promoting The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization that provides free and confidential services to LGBTQ youth.

The LGBTQ pop icon is not only successful within the music industry but is also making significant moves on the runway and in Hollywood. In 2015 before he launched  his Blue Neighborhood album, Sivan walked in the Yves Saint Laurent runway show. Now, he just made his way into high-end fashion by becoming the face of Valentino’s menswear collection.

You may have also seen Sivan as young James Howlett in X-men Origins: Wolverine back in 2008, but soon you’ll see this blonde heartthrob alongside Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, and Joel Edgerton in the film Boy Erased, playing the young gay inmate at a conversion camp alongside Lucas Hedges (Lady Bird).

The highly anticipated Bloom is set to be released on August 31st, but you can find the single “My My My!” and “Dance To This” which features Ariana Grande, on Spotify and YouTube NOW!