Tove Lo Blows Smoke

The Singer Teams Up With EDM Trio Major Lazer

BY: Georgia Davis

With about 1 million views on YouTube, Major Lazer’s video for “Blow That Smoke” transports Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo to another dimension.

The video stars Tove Lo as a late-night housekeeper at a motel. When she comes across room 224, it is painted a red hue. She approaches a closet to find a black curtain. As she pulls it apart, the music warps her to a tropical paradise. Her housekeeping uniform and updo is swapped for an open-backed, long sleeve, lime green one piece and loose, flowing hair.

After a laid-back dance break and relaxation session, the scene changes again and Tove Lo walks toward a sexy woman smoking a cigarette. The two almost share a kiss, then a full dance break ensues. Tove Lo shows off her moves in an all-blue ensemble: a bikini top, parachute pants and a jacket.

She notices people jumping down a wishing well, and when she follows, it takes her back to the hotel room where the party continues. Her manager walks up to the room, sees its red lights and knocks on the door. When Tove Lo finally hears the pounding, she ushers everyone through the closet and her workplace escape is over.

The dance-inducing EDM song suggests the best way to have fun is to smoke: “Blow that smoke and let me love that fire/ I don’t need no memories/ Bed is broken now I’m floating higher/ This madness so good for me.” The song will surely be heard at clubs everywhere for its rhythmic pace.

Major Lazer released “Blow That Smoke” on Oct. 17. The EDM trio was founded by Diplo and Switch in 2008, and includes record producer Diplo and DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Tove Lo is most famous for her singles “Habits (Stay High)” and “Talking Body.”