Jack White In ‘Sunday Driver’

The Singer and Guitarist joins The Raconteurs

BY: Georgia Davis

Like any good instrumentalist, Jack White succeeds by playing for multiple bands. In his latest venture with The Raconteurs, fans get to see the former White Stripes lead guitarist and singer in 360 degrees. The video for “Sunday Driver” has acquired more than 300,000 views on YouTube since its debut Dec. 19.

The video is not narrative driven like some. Instead, the camera and the band members are the sole focus of the video. The video is filmed with a rotating camera, thus capturing every angle of the stage the band performs on.

The video features each person in The Raconteurs: Brendan Benson on guitar, drummer Patrick Keeler, Jack Lawrence on bass guitar and White playing the lead guitar and vocals. With the band being heavy-hitters on their respective instruments, “Sunday Driver” is not vocally driven; it is more of a rock instrumental track. In fact, the song is all of seven stanzas long and features a lot of repetition. The main appeal of the song is how well the group meshes together to make a great rock song.

The video highlights the musicians’ talents by putting them in the center of a stage and letting them play. The frames in the video are layered on top of one another to cause an animated feel to the movements. A slower frame rate is also used to cause blurring. The overall feel creates a grungy look to the video, but the use of neon lettering and visuals adds life and color.

Though each member of the band is given ample time, it is obvious a lot of the focus is on White, who is one of the most well known guitarists of the current generation. Along with The Raconteurs and White Stripes, White is a member of The Dead Weather, The Upholsterers and Two-Star Tabernacle. The Detroit musician is also known for his solo work.