Shakira’s Sexy Return

Shakira and Maluma's Hot Single, Clandestino

BY: Alex Hutchins

It’s no secret that Shakira has been an icon of the Latin Pop music scene since her breakthrough 1996 album Pies Descalzos. Despite having to take a hiatus from her music in November of last year due to a vocal cord hemorrhage, the  Grammy Award-winner is back with her super sexy new single “Clandestino.”

Accompanying Shakira on her new single is fellow Colombian Maluma, a reggaeton singer known for his hot vocals (“Corazón“) and numerous, eyecatching tattoos. “Clandestino” marks their fourth collaboration ,with the pair previously teaming up on the tracks “Chantaje,” “La Bicicleta,” and “Trap.” Clandestino, which in English translates to “secretive” or “undercover,” is a classic tale of forbidden love.

A satisfying pop-reggae fusion, Shakira and Maluma’s song delivers a steamy take on the star-crossed lover narrative. In the video itself, Shakira’s inability to be with her man despite how desperately they want to be together, is portrayed with a physical cage that Shakira finds herself trapped in.

Recalling Shakira’s 2009 single “She Wolf” in which the singer shows off her sexy, lithe body while dancing in a locked cage, “Clandestino” draws upon the couple’s sexual tension in a way that makes us desperate to see what happens next.

Gaining a whopping 5 million Youtube views in under 24 hours, “Clandestino” proves once again why Shakira holds the title of best-selling South American singer of all time. We can’t wait to hear what’s to come from the Colombian Queen of Pop.