Sexy Songs from Sam Smith

“Dancing With A Stranger,” “Writings On The Wall” + more!

BY: Georgia Davis

When people think of Sam Smith, they think of the open-gay singer-songwriter who can move people to tears with the vocal cords of an angel. His sultry, seductive work is recognizable by almost everyone. Here are the singer’s sexiest songs:


In his latest release, Smith teams up with fellow R&B singer Normani to bring a seductive song about hooking up with someone to avoid being lonely. The music video enhance the sexiness, especially when Normani (former Fifth Harmony member) dances around the modern home in black lingerie. Best lyric: “I need somebody who can take control / I know exactly what I need to do”


In “Lay Me Down,” Smith longs to be next to a lover, pleading him to be by his side. Smith’s soaring vocals are enough to make anyone swoon, and paired with some sultry lyrics it makes us feel things we never have before. Best lyric: “I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight”


Similar to “Lay Me Down,” Smith begs to a lover to stay with him. The song is a little somber, but we can only imagine Smith really loves this person if he wants the person to stay. Smith’s breakout song was written by fellow musician Ed Sheeran, and nothing is sexier than well-written lyrics. Best lyric: “Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand / But I still need love cause I’m just a man”


Any song featured in a James Bond movie is guaranteed to stir up some feelings (and win an Oscar), and Smith’s tune for Spectre is no different. Sex scenes from Daniel Craig-led film are sprinkled in the video for “Writings On The Wall,” which add to the already arousing feel to the slow-paced song. Best lyric: “I want to feel love, run through my blood”


The EDM group Disclosure featured Smith on this danceable hit. The music video is full of tension because all of kissing doesn’t happen until the beat drops in the chorus. The scenarios are inclusive to all sexualities, and nothing is sexier than that! Best lyric: “How do you do it, you got me losing every breath / What did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest?”