Scarlett Johansson, Red Hot

Her Sexy Duet with Pete Yorn, Bad Dreams

BY: Claire Connors

Next week, actress Scarlett Johansson and indie pop singer/songwriter Pete Yorn will release, Apart, their second EP in almost 10 years. The first, you may remember, was the luscious nine-song long, Break Up. Well-received, the two performers got too busy with their careers to revisit their partnership, until now.

Their gorgeous single, Bad Dreams, actually a cover of the Brooklyn band Echo Friendly‘s Worried, is out now. A delicious piece of ear candy, Scarlett and Pete are a dynamic duo on vinyl. The good-looking couple are equally compelling on video. Directed by vet Sophie Muller, who has helmed videos by Gwen Stefani, Sade, and Annie Lennox, it features the two flirtatious stars driving through the night in a vintage car as they sing about the end of their romance.

Continuing with the theme of broken relationships, Yorn explains, “If Break Up was dealing with an unraveling relationship, Apart is dealing with the aftermath. It’s about getting used to the idea of not being with someone who has been a big part of your life. The EP is an attempt to sort through all this and get comfortable with the excitement of new freedoms while facing underlying fears of the unknown road that lies ahead.”

Bad Dreams” is out now on Spotify and Apart will be released June 1st.