Naughty Newcomers

Russo excite on their debut EP

BY: Alex Hutchins

With only one officially released EP to their name and a 2018 formation date, you could make the argument that we’re jumping the gun in our praise of new LA-based rock group Russo. However, despite its newbie status, Russo proves it one to watch out for with their first EP House With A Pool bringing a breath of fresh air to the pop-rock scene.

Leading the band’s lineup is singer Cailin Russo who also has a budding solo career that’s worth a listen. The daughter of Unwritten Law’s lead singer Scott Russo, Cailin follows in her father’s footsteps while establishing herself as a powerful front woman in her own right. Russo has also made a name for herself outside the music industry modeling for various magazines and being featured in Justin Bieber’s music video for his song “All That Matters.”

Although the latest EP has only a total of seven songs on it, with two of them labeled as “interludes” or “intros,” Russo and company have blessed us with a couple of standout tracks. Our favorite by far has to be “Lonely.” With a driving bass line, lively vocals, and a perfectly grungy music video, “Lonely” is a stunning concoction of pop punk that warrants several replays.

While Russo’s Spotify profile reports only 300,000 listens on “Lonely,” we’re certain it’s only a matter of time before we see the talented rock quartet find the recognition they deserve.