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Led Zeppelin Stars on Sharp Objects Soundtrack

BY: Alex Hutchins

With so much great TV programming filling up our streaming inboxes every day, it can sometimes be hard for these shows to stand out from the crowd. One way in which HBO newcomer Sharp Objects has separated itself from the likes of other HBO heavy-hitters is through its killer soundtrack.

While the complete playlist of songs used in the show vary from artists like Tupac to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, by far the stand out name on this list is the oft sought after English rock and roll tour de force Led Zeppelin. Often cited as one of the most difficult bands to get usage rights for, Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant surprisingly gave Director Jean-Marc Vallée the rights to four of their songs for the show.

Although the presence of Led Zeppelin on a list of other fantastic artists is certainly something special, it should be noted that Vallée and veteran music supervisor Susan Jacobs’s song choices are not just pleasing backdrops that have no relation to the story. In fact, it is made very clear in each scene where the music is coming from. Whether it be a record player or an iPod, the song source is always a part of the scene and by extension, the music becomes a reflection of the mood and tone of that particular scene.

As if this diegetic nature of the soundtrack wasn’t enough to convince you that Sharp Objects understands the importance of a strong soundtrack, Vallée and Jacobs push their musical prowess to the next level by offering up eight different interpretations of the same opening credit sequence song. While we will definitely come to watch this chilling new Amy Adams HBO limited series for the unrelenting drama and suspense, we won’t have any problem staying for the diverse and delectable music choices.


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