Miley’s Political Drive

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Cyrus and Mark Ronson

BY: Georgia Davis

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to making her politics known, and in her new music video for “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart,” she and producer Mark Ronson tackle consumerism, hypocrisy and national topics of discussion.

Throughout the video — which has accumulated more than 9 million views on YouTube since its release Thursday — Cyrus cruises in a car down streets lined with people showing their support for her. Along the way she drives through different scenarios showing the current state of America and Cyrus’ perspective.

Cyrus’ first stop is a strip club. In the frame, a group of priests look at the show. They gaze upon the female body underneath the shine of a broken heart-shaped disco ball. Then she breaks through the walls of the club to the scene of two oblivious teens using a semblance of Snapchat filters.

Cyrus then rolls up to a shooting range where adults teach their children how to shoot handguns. The targets are other children, which seems to be an overt stance on gun violence and school shootings in the U.S. She then wildly drives through a suburban neighborhood and crashes into the basement of a home. There, two naked women sitting in a hot tub kiss.

The political message gets even more clear as Cyrus drives by five football players kneeling on the side of the road. Colin Kaepernick started a movement within the NFL to protest standing for the National Anthem. Kaepernick gained the support of many fellow player but not of the NFL. Shortly after, Ronson joins in solidarity for Cyrus’ wild ride.

The final scenes show the building mug of a superstore. As Cyrus drives through, consumers involved in their own personal ventures bump against the car, oblivious to anything other than getting the best item. The video ends with Cyrus forming a cross with her body and the car she drove propped up in the same manner, almost like an art installation.

Cyrus definitely makes her politics known in the video and pushes the audience to reflect on its personal stances. Cyrus also makes reference to a past video: a rearview mirror decoration depicts a woman on a wrecking ball, and ode to her song “Wrecking Ball“. The video is bold and one of Cyrus’ most provocative.