Mila Jam’s Poignant ‘Bruised’

Laverne Cox Stars As An Angel

BY: Georgia Davis

About one month ago, music artist Mila Jam released a video for the song “Bruised” in dedication to “every woman, specifically TransWomen, who have lost their lives at the hands of their abusers.” With Transgender Awareness Week starting Nov. 12, the video is even more relevant now.

The video opens with a single spotlight shining on a body. An angel approaches the body lying on the ground, and blesses is the person. When the angel comes fully into the frame, people see it’s none other than Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox, who is a transgender actress. Cox bears beautiful wings, reminiscent of something you’d see at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The stunning, dramatic visuals show the cyclical nature of abuse and the effect it takes has its victims. Jam herself stands on a stage, watching the events that take place. She watches over the people, while singing her emotional lyrics: “When you come to me, I can’t resist this feeling / I forget about all the things you’ve done to me / I can’t escape this mess.”

“Many trans women are not allowed to come out of it on the other side without even being able to speak up about the abuse and the violence because girls are being murdered,” Jam told Billboard. “This is just another layer to [the #MeToo movement], where your voice isn’t even being heard, and you’re silenced because of death.”

Jam, who is a transgender woman, is an activist for LGBTQ rights. Her latest four-track EP, Bruised, was released Oct. 4 and documents what people experience during abuse. Jam has a prominent social media following with approximately 20,000 followers on Instagram.