LANY’s Malibu Nights

The Beaches Of Malibu Bring The Song To Life

BY: Georgia Davis

Following the release of its sophomore album Malibu Nightsindie pop band LANY came out with a beautifully made music video for the album’s title track. Since its release on Friday, the video has garnered more than 1.6 million views.

The video stars lead singer Paul Jason Klein as he sits on the beaches of presumably Malibu. In front of him is a striking, transparent piano that holds his keyboard. As the waves crash over him, Klein sings, “Somebody help, it’s getting worse / What do you do with a broken heart?”

The poignant song that talks about post-breakup feelings is personified by the crashing of waves against Klein and his music setup on the beach. As the video progresses, the tide washes over and consumes him. At times it looks like he is drowning, succumbing to his brokenheartedness. The waves knock him down and he struggles. But by the end, he welcomes the nighttime tides, welcoming the peacefulness associated with the ocean.

Though simple, the video for “Malibu Nights” is beautiful to watch. The lights in the background hint at the sign of other life while Klein is lonely on the beach. The beach itself basks in the dusk light, and the see-through piano does not interrupt the view of the Pacific Ocean or Klein himself.

Though Klein is the only band member in the video, Charles Leslie “Les” Priest and Jake Clifford Goss make up the rest of the group. LANY, which stands for Los Angeles New York, formed in 2014 and released its debut, self-titled album in June 2017. Just 18 months later, the band released its highly anticipated sophomore album Malibu Nights. The contents of the 9-track studio album was written in an impressive 45 days after the band finished a 135-show tour. 

Watch the official video.