Justin Gets Filthy

Timberlake’s New Video Shows His Moves

BY: Rudie Obias

“Haters gon’ say it’s fake.” Justin Timberlake is a top-notch entertainer extraordinaire. While he’s been mostly acting over the years, he started his career in entertainment as a pop singer. Believe it or not, but it’s been five years since Timberlake released a record with the double-album The 20/20 Experience. And now, he’s on the verge of releasing his latest record Man of the Woods with the new single “Filthy,” which was produced by longtime collaborator Timbaland.

Channeling his best Steve Jobs, Justin Timberlake proves that he has a knack for commanding and pleasing an audience, even with a phony tech demo. The music video for “Filthy,” directed by Mark Romanek, features Timberlake giving a bizarre Apple-style tech keynote presentation of a new funky dancing robot. We go behind the scenes to see Timberlake, himself, pulling the strings of the robot on the stage.

It’s really bizarre, but the music video showcases his playfulness and swagger with lyrics like “Look, put your filthy hands all over me/Ya know this ain’t the clean version.” Apparently, Timberlake performed the motion-capture for the dancing robot. He posted a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the music video on Instagram.

Man of the Woods drops on February 2, while Justin Timberlake is set to perform during the Super Bowl LII halftime show in Minneapolis, Minnesota a few days later on February 4.