Johnny Depp goes deep

Ménage a weird with Marilyn Manson on Kill4Me

BY: Rudie Obias

Kill4Me” is the second single from Marilyn Manson’s tenth studio album Heaven Upside Down and it’s a very good one! It’s music video stars Johnny Depp (the second time they worked together, the first being “Say10”), as Manson steps into a synth pop sound with a hard hitting disco beat.

The music video, directed by Bill Yukich, is steamy and disturbing at the same time with Depp playing a security camera voyeur peeking into the hotel rooms of models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite. It straddles the line between creepy and sexy, but somehow feels uncomfortable, while also being thought-provoking. As if you’re being confronted with what turns you on and simultaneously freaked out by what others are turned on by.

Marilyn Manson performs the song, co-written by Tyler Bates (known for his film scores for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and John Wick) while standing at the center of a large camera aperture with multiple ways of peeping, such as cameras, two-way mirrors, and close-up shots of roaming eyes. The song itself wraps murder, sex, and surveillance into eerily sexy images of (blood) lust with sadistic lyrics like:

“Let’s grab our gold switchblade
And make us a blood pact, babe
To love and to fuck and to only see ourselves.”

But leave it up to Marilyn Manson for creating danceable pop music that marries provocative with controversial imagery of sex and murder. “Kill4Me” is now available on Spotify and YouTube.