I Touch Myself

Børns covers Divinyls’ masturbatory classic

BY: Claire Connors

There are perhaps a handful of songs that inspire orgasmic, self-love. In our lusty opinion, Divinyls wrote the ultimate ode to masturbation with the release of its erotic 1990 single, “I Touch Myself.” A number one hit in the band’s native Australia and a top-ten single in the USA, the song has since been covered by many, but we think this one, by performer and singer Børns, is the most evocative by far.

The long-haired, 25-year-old Børns, who hails from Michigan and now splits his time between coasts, is known for his glorious falsetto and his gender-bender clothing choices. In fact, the singer has been making such a splash in the fashion world, he’s currently a Gucci baby, representing the design house during many of his performances and at fashion shows around the world.

Børns’ take on “I Touch Myself” is both sexy and innocent. With his sweet soprano vocals over a clean and simple guitar riff, Børns brings an exciting perspective to a classic song that written two years before he was even børns.