Halsey Film Schools Us

Her vibrant, violent, romantic cinematic world

Image Above and Cover Story Image: Halsey


Halsey, the singer, is an astute visual storyteller. Her biggest influence is cinema and she adores the work of Quentin Tarrantino, Harmony Korine, and Larry Clark. That’s quite a list of beautifully disturbed filmmakers. She explains, “There’s plenty of musicians that I love and respect, but I think I am most inspired by cinema.”

Halsey spins tales of bad romance within worlds tinged with science fiction. Room 93 is the earliest collection of cinematic videos or film series, all from a hotel room, Room 93, and they are mesmerizing. “There are three separate couples that are all connected to the room, which lends a supernatural quality,” she says. The room is haunted by the memories of the three distinct couples who laughed, loved, or fought there. The videos connect to the music with a mysterious beauty. It all makes sense now. She says she writes the visual story ideas before the songs are even finished, adding, “I didn’t feel my project was complete unless there was a visual aspect to it.”

Halsey’s 2017 album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, takes her commitment to film and storytelling to a new level. Her first credit for directing a short film is for the video for the CD’s single Now or Never. The album climbed quickly to number one on the Billboard chart. Her co-director was Sing J. Lee. We are immersed at times in the inspired land of Baz Luhrmann‘s Romeo + Juliet for this series of short films created from the album.

And more is sure to come. Halsey just released a teaser, a sort of mini-trailer, like a movie would, for “Without Me“. It is a fabulous, steamy 33-second slice of Halsey heaven on a split screen. This bisexual, biracial, bipolar artist is bionic in her creativity. We can expect Halsey’s even wilder ambitions to be conjured up in the future. Halsey took her name from a subway stop in Brooklyn. There is no stopping her train now. We have compiled our favorites and the new teaser for “Without Me” below.

Halsey-Without Me (Teaser)

Halsey-Ghost-Room 93

Halsey-Hurricane-Room 93


Halsey-Bad at Love-Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Halsey-Now or Never- Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Halsey-Sorry-Hopeless Fountain Kingdom