Drake Is Upset

Canadian Rapper Gets Degrassi Back Together

BY: Rudie Obias

The new single from Drake is a hot one! “I’m Upset” was released with a lot of fanfare behind it with a jump-up-and-smile style and a brand new music video. While Drake is mostly known these days as a rapper, music producer, and the official hype man for the Toronto Raptors (hell, the music video begins at Air Canada Centre where the NBA team calls home), the Canadian mogul got his start on the hit teen drama TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation in the early 2000s. He played the character Jimmy Brooks from season 1 through season 7, as he later launched his music career with his debut Thank Me Later in 2010.

The Karena Evans directed music video for “I’m Upset” features a reunion of the Degrassi: The Next Generation cast, including Stefan Brogren, Lauren Collins, Nina Dobrev, Jake Epstein, Stacey Farber, Shane Kippel, A.J. Saudin, Cassie Steele, Melissa McIntyre, Adamo Ruggiero, Christina Schmidt, Miriam McDonald, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, Jake Goldsbie, Andrea Lewis, Marc Donato, Dalmar Abuzeid, Paula Brancati, Ephraim Ellis, and Linlyn Lue. Drake basically brought back the whole cast!

It’s almost amazing how Drake managed to get everyone together for the music video, along with a cameo from Jason Mewes and  Kevin Smith, the self-proclaimed biggest Degrassi fan alive. The pair reprise their iconic stoner roles of Jay and Silent Bob for the new music video, which is straight up weird.

As for the song, which is the second single from Drake’s forthcoming album Scorpion, is also a smash hit, as it peaked at #11 on Billboard’s US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video also managed to take in over 14 million views in less than one week. I don’t care who you are, those are big numbers for anyone on YouTube.

However, critics are a bit mixed on the song, as some call it one of his weakest and a thinly veiled response to his public beef with Pusha-T, but nevertheless, “I’m Upset” is getting a lot of shine for Drake right now, with lyrics like:

“I’m upset
Fifty thousand on my head, it’s disrespect
So offended that I had to double check
I’ma always take the money over sex
That’s why they need me out the way, what you expect?”

Here’s Drake on making the transition from acting to music. “Being a young black guy, I think there’s definitely the chance to get typecast,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a 2017 profile. “But I also have been pretty adamant about showing range. I try to show it through different outlets, like Saturday Night Live, showing people that I can be funny. When I get back into acting, I want to do things that make people go, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that.'”

Drake continued, explaining that he’s not going to “take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music’s always there.” It seems that he has love for music more than acting these days.

I’m Upset” is now available on Spotify and Apple Music, while Scorpion is due out later this summer, most likely at the end of June 2018.