Disney’s 6 Sexiest Alumni

From Selena Gomez to Justin Timberlake

BY: Georgia Davis

It can be hard to break the Disney image when an actor leaves the channel and distributor. The people tied to its many programs are often associated with innocence and youth, but when they grow up and become sexy music stars, it’s unbelievable they were a Disney kid to begin with. Here are six musicians who had their start on Disney and still manage to bring all of the sex appeal.

Demi Lovato
Lovato landed her first major Disney gig (with bangs!) when she appeared in Camp Rock alongside The Jonas Brothers. After the franchise’s success, she landed the lead in the show Sonny With A Chance, which was cancelled when Lovato entered rehab following her breakup with Joe Jonas. Since then, Lovato has brought a more adult tone to songs. She sings of sex, relationships and her ongoing struggle with addiction.


Selena Gomez
The “Bad Liar” singer was in the popular show Wizards of Waverly Place, which was on Disney Channel from 2007-2012. After the show ended, she pursued a music career with the her band The Scene. The music was still pretty PG then, but her recent music is undoubtedly sultry and sexy.


Ryan Gosling
There is no doubt that Gosling is one of the sexiest men of this era, but did you know he was on Mickey Mouse Club? Yes, Gosling is an OG Disney kid. The La La Land actor showed his musical chops in the Damien Chazelle masterpiece, proving he is one of the most well-rounded and adaptable actors in the industry.


Britney Spears
Pop culture icon and entertainer Spears was also on Mickey Mouse Club with Gosling. Spears released her first album in 1999, but it was her 2000 follow up Oops!… I Did It Again that put her on the map as the Princess of Pop and epitome of sexiness.


Sabrina Carpenter
The latest Disney actress turned sexy pop star is Carpenter. The 19-year-old made a name for herself on Girl Meets World, the sequel series to the ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World. Carpenter has made moves in her music career in 2018, catapulting her into mainstream music success.


Justin Timberlake
The spark between Timberlake and Spears may have started long before their denim-clad days of the early 2000s on Mickey Mouse Club. The “Sexy Back” singer has moved way beyond his his Disney days to become a triple threat: singer, dancer and actor. There might as well be a picture of Timberlake next to the work “sexy” in the dictionary.