Dinah Jane Goes Solo

Former Fifth Harmony Singer's new hit “Bottled Up”

BY: Georgia Davis

In March, the powerful female pop group Fifth Harmony announced its split, two years after Camila Cabello (who made a splash in the industry with her solo album and even toured with Taylor Swift) left the group. Eight months after the breakup, Dinah Jane has released the music video to her track “Bottled Up.” Featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy, the video has racked up almost 3 million views on YouTube in just four days.

The song marks a promising start to a solo career for Jane. In its duration of 3 minute and 19 seconds, the song talks about finding that one person to love and being content with the simpler things in life. Jane, who is the primary songwriter for “Bottled Up,” opens the song with “I don’t need no diamond ring, baby, I got you / I can buy the finer things, simple things will do.” The video personifies that mentality.

It opens with Jane in a hair salon after close. As the employees are packing up, a group of men come to the window, beckoning them outside. They end up doing mundane activities, like going to a grocery store, but they find enjoyment in it because they’re all together.

The video is visually pleasing in more ways than one. The club-like atmosphere is brought to life with neon colors and strategic lighting. Blue and purple hues highlight Jane and the dancers. Jane herself shows off her impressive dance moves to the pop beats.

Throughout the video, it feels like Jane is enjoying herself a lot, which is always great to see from a band member-turned-solo-performer. But Jane obviously hasn’t forgotten her Fifth Harmony days. By including rapper Ty Dolla $ign, who performed on Fifth Harmony‘s hit “Work From Home,” the group’s only top-10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, perhaps she’s hoping for lightening to strike twice with “Bottled Up.”