Common Kings Island Hop

Their Sexy Video “Take Her” Embraces the Tropics

BY: Georgia Davis

Common Kings’ newest music video for the song “Take Her” will have people longing for warmer weather and white sandy beaches. 

The video is like a highlight reel of what it is like to vacation on a tropical island. Much of the footage looks like a home video of a trip to paradise. It follows one woman as she wanders around what seems to be one of the Hawaiian Islands. As the camera follows her, she takes in her favorite sights and partakes in her favorite activities: leaning on palm trees, watching beautiful ocean shores, cliff jumping, and building sandcastles.

“Take Her” references things a person would associate with Hawaii and the relaxing side of island life. The band even makes a reference to its hit single, “Wade In Your Water” with: “And I’m wading in your water ’till I / Catch a wave, catch a wave.”

Each frame perfectly embodies Common Kings’ musical style. The reggae band, comprising lead singer JR King, guitarist T Grey, drummer Rome and bassist Uncle Lui, creates a laid-back feel with its easy music, which makes sense, because all of the members have roots in the South Pacific—Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga. Although they were raised in Orange County, California, Common Kings uses its island influences in every track they lay down.

“Take Her” is featured on Common Kings’ most recent EP One Day, which was released in August. The seven-track EP is a follow up to the band’s Grammy-nominated reggae album Lost in Paradise.