Camila Cabello in Cuba

She sings the hot, sultry single, Havana

BY: Claire Connors

Can’t get enough of Camila Cabello’s sizzling new single “Havana?” We’ve got this.

The Cuban-born Cabello, also known as Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, has been causing quite a stir since she left her girl group Fifth Harmony late last year. No love was lost in that departure apparently but in the meantime, Camila, 20, has become MVP in the music world, collaborating with Shawn Mendes, Machine Gun Kelly, DJ Cashmere Cat, and Pitbull. So far this year, she’s put out four singles of her own off her highly anticipated debut solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving

Even though there still isn’t an official music video for “Havana,” we’ve found three videos that will scratch that crazy Latin itch you’ve been experiencing ever since it hit the airwaves last month.

The first, which almost looks like it was shot on Cuba itself, is actually from Camila’s Fall 2017 Guess campaign, showing off her dangerously curvy 5’2” frame. Dressed in classic sex goddess Guess attire, complete with big bedroom hair á la Brigitte Bardot and cat eyeliner, Camila has never looked hotter. Then some clever editor placed “Havana” over the ad and a Cuban bombshell was born!

The two below are the most recent live performances by Camila. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she shows off her live singing skills, featuring slinky backup dancers and a fiery trumpet player. The bright orange background color scheme flaunts all Camila’s hottest moves. Girl can really dance!

And in the unplugged version she performed on MTV’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Camila displays her surprisingly good guitar playing. Even slowed down and raw, “Havana” is so hot, so danceable, so damn catchy, we’re calling it the song of the summer and it’s already fall. We guarantee this hip-shaking tune be rocking every Zumba class on the planet.