Beyoncé: Beyond Sexy

Queen B's Blistering Hot Music Videos

BY: Rudie Obias

With the release of The Carters’ (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) debut album Everything Is Love (and the hit song “Apeshit“), we decided to take a look back at the Queen B’s top five sexiest music videos during her solo career. Get ready, we got some hot ones here.


From her self-titled fifth studio album in 2013, “Yoncé” is the first half of a two-part music video featuring the singer Beyoncé. Directed by Ricky Saiz, the music video features fashion and video models Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, and Joan Smalls, as Beyoncé struts as one of her alter ego’s Yoncé on the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York. Although the music video is short with a running time of just over two minutes, Beyoncé is sexier than ever as she teases with hot fishnets and tight midriff. Papa likes!


Partition” is the second half that follows the music video for “Yoncé.” This time around, Jake Nava directed Beyoncé at a nightclub in Paris, France, as she skips the streetwear for something more upscale and sexy. If “Yoncé” was hot, “Partition” is a bit more refined, but still piques the interest of anyone who watches. Beyoncé is just flat out sexy and it’s tough to watch any of her music video without getting aroused. She can work it!


Directed by Beyoncé herself with Ed Burke and Bill Kirstein, the music video for “Rocket” is out of this world and will have your heart speeding like a rocketship. Filmed at The Standard in New York City’s High Line, the music video full explores the singer’s sexuality and femininity. Especially with lyrics like,

“Let me sit this ass on you, show you how I feel
Let me take this off, will you watch me
Yes mass appeal
Don’t take your eyes, don’t take your eyes off it
Watch it, babe
If you like, you can touch me baby
Do you, do you wanna touch me baby
Grab a hold, don’t let go”

Dance for You

From her fourth studio album 4, released in 2011, the single “Dance For You” features a vintage New York City-style, as Beyoncé takes on the on-screen persona of Marlene Dietrich. This music video was also directed by Beyoncé, along with co-director Alan Ferguson.

“I wanted the video to have the same rawness that both the melody and the lyrics of the song have because ‘Dance for You’ is one of my most intimate songs,” she told in 2011. “I wanted the video to have a classic feel; to be seductive but still keep the sense of mystery. When I write, when I perform, and when I make music videos, I don’t hold anything back. ‘Dance for You’ is about that same passion; to be free and unrestrained.”

Drunk in Love

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is confident and strong with who she is. Beyoncé captures that essence in the music video for “Drunk in Love.” Directed by the legendary Hype Williams, the music video is the closest visualization of a Beyoncé and Jay-Z sex tape. In fact, whenever people picture the couple “madly in love” and having sex, they mostly likely think of this music video.

“[We were] much freer than anything I’d done in the past,” Beyoncé told Out in 2014. “We really just tried to trust our instincts, embrace the moment, and keep it fun… We were in Miami for Jay’s concert, and it was just the two of us, on the beach, amazing weather, and one outfit! It’s beautiful in its simplicity. If you want something to feel real and urgent, you can’t overthink it.”

Drunk In Love” won Best Collaboration and was nominated for Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2014.