Beck’s true colors

The singer's new video is slimy fun

BY: Rudie Obias

Beck is a master of almost every music genre. He can release a strange electronic throwback album with Odeley to a straight up folk record like Mutations to an ambient-folk hybrid with Sea Change. With his new album Colors, his 13th, Beck releases his strangest one yet… a pop record.

A visually simple music video comes with the title track “Colors.” While the “slime visualizer” seems like nonsense, the images of children playing with colorful slime goes along pretty well with the dance beat and pitched up vocals of the song. It’s really bizarre and sounds like it would be a song for Daft Punk or Sia instead of Beck, but it really works for the eccentric singer/songwriter with fun lyrics like:

All my colors, see the colors, make the colors
Feel the colors
Tell me, do you feel alive?

For Colors, Beck teams up with producer Greg Kurstin, who plays in Beck’s touring band and is responsible for many hit songs from Adele, Foo Fighters, Kelly Clarkson, and Tegan and Sara. So it’s not too surprising the entire record has a pop sensibility and a danceable sound.

Colors is available now, featuring other singles “Dreams,” “Wow,” “Dear Life,” and “Up All Night.”