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Edgar Wright Directs a Brilliant Video

Image Above: Alison Brie, Beck's Music Video, Colors; Screen Shot of Beck in Colors, Shot by by Edgar White

BY: Andy Shoulders

Beck is back. And this time around, he’s having a lot of fun.

Musician Beck Wearing a White Tux in his music video, Colors, shot by Edgar White

We first got a glimpse of the new popped-out Beck in 2015 with the release of “Dreams,” a funky, ‘80s electro pop-infused jam in which Beck declares he’s “about a light year from reality.” Next came “Wow” in 2016, a hilarious stoner jam filled with trap beats and whistling tones.

Both of these hits are featured on Beck’s latest album Colors, his most unabashedly pop-centric album ever. Don’t worry, though – meaningless pop this most definitely is not. That would be downright “un-Beckian.” Even as every song seems to zero in on pop simplicity, they’re also filled with ideas.

Released in October of 2017, Colors sees Beck take a sharp left turn from his previous album, 2014’s folky and somber Morning Phase. This time around, Beck is back with a bounce, and we literally get to see him bounce in his newest video for the album’s title track.

For his latest video effort, Beck teamed with director Edgar Wright (whose credits include Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and choreographer Ryan Heffington. Even cooler: Actor Alison Brie (from Netflix’s G.L.O.W.) appears in the video alongside Beck and a group of dancing blue men. Watching Brie do pretty much anything is an enjoyable experience. Watching her dance in Beck’s new video (with the aforementioned blue men, of course) is pure heaven.

The video is bright and shimmery, just like the song itself. Cast in either bright blue or bright yellow, the video kind of feels like a tripped-out version of an old movie musical number, with both Brie and Beck clad in 1920s-esque formal wear. The two stars are kept in all white, which serves as a stark contrast to the constantly changing blue and yellow hues.

Give Colors a look and listen. You’ll be up dancing with Beck in no time.

Screen shot of Beck's face hidden by three blue hands: one with lips and the other two with eyes from Beck's New Music Video, Colors, October 2018
Image from Beck’s music video, “Colors,” shot by Edgar White