Avril Lavigne’s Breakup

The Heartbreak of Her New Single, Tell Me It’s Over

BY: Georgia Davis

Back in September, Avril Lavigne released the anthem “Head Above Water,” her first single since “Fly” in 2015. Now, the Canadian singer who appealed to every angsty teenager growing up in the mid-2000s released her second song of the year, “Tell Me It’s Over.” Since Wednesday, the video has garnered more than four million views on YouTube.

The song tells the story of a couple on the verge of a breakup. Both parties seem in denial that it is going to happen, wanting to hold onto the relationship for as long as possible. Lavigne sings: “I keep on leaving the light on / Hoping to find something else, oh / I’ve played the fool for the last time / I just can’t do this myself.”

In the video directed by Erica Silverman, Lavigne and her boyfriend spend time together around Christmas. The video shows the happy moments (laughing and dancing around the Christmas tree) and the bad moments (going to bed mad at each other and the S.O. walking out the door). It is a song that perfectly mirrors the back and forth of relationships.

The song embodies what Lavigne does best: relating to her listeners. Even when she’s singing about her “S8er Boi” being on TV and guy problems in “Complicated,” her songs about relationships are something everyone can relate to.

Where Lavigne deviates from her most popular tracks is the vibe of the song. The instrumentals on the track are soulful and way more R&B. Imagine Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” but with angstier lyrics. Perhaps this sultry tone is one she will take on her upcoming album, Head Above Water, which is set to release Feb. 15. Lavigne already posted the gorgeous album art, which has her posed naked behind a guitar in a pool of water.

For those of you worried that she has lost her Hot Topic-like appearance, fret not. The eyeliner is still thick, the hair is voluminous and the punk-pop clothing is all there — it’s just a little more mature.