Alec Benjamin’s Fight Song

Singer Tackles Bullying in “Boy in the Bubble”

BY: Georgia Davis

Like many artists before him, newcomer Alec Benjamin put his own spin on the bullying narrative in the song for “Boy in the Bubble,” which was released in June but the video came out two weeks ago. In those two weeks, Benjamin has racked up more than one million views on YouTube.

Benjamin is not the first artist to make a song about bullying. Taylor Swift released “Mean,” which dealt with the media bullying her, and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” talked about people making someone else insecure. Benjamin’s narrative focuses on a child getting picked on.

In the video, a kid wears an astronaut helmet everyday. It seems he does this because to protect himself from getting punched in the face, but that doesn’t stop the band of bullies from lifting it up and beating him up. The bullies are significantly older and stronger than he his, so it’s really hard to watch this poor kid get beaten up.

But the kid doesn’t let it faze him. He is determined to not give the bullies the satisfaction. Benjamin sings in the chorus:

“Punch my face, do it ’cause I like the pain

Every time you curse my name

I know you want the satisfaction, it’s not gonna happen

Knock me out, kick me when I’m on the ground

It’s only gonna let you down

Come the lightning and the thunder

You’re the one who’ll suffer, suffer”

In the end, it turns out the one who led the bullying gets hit by his father. When the Boy in the Bubble is walking home, he sees it happen. He runs away, but the bully catches up to him. Instead of beating up the boy, the bully just runs alongside him. The boy then give his bully the astronaut helmet to protect him.

Benjamin’s lyricism and original vocals make are what make this song a must-listen. The 24-year-old released his first full-length album, Narrated For You, earlier this year. He has toured with Jon Bellion and Hoodie Allen, and was named one of SiriusXM’s “Future Five artists for 2019. With more than five million monthly listeners, this won’t be the last time you hear of Phoenix-born Benjamin.