Voyeuristic Nic Cage

He Peers Through a Dangerous Looking Glass

BY: Claire Connors

Nic Cage is known for his over-the-top performances, the ones that make you question not only his character’s sanity, but the actor’s as well. In his newest, Looking Glass, Cage is, for once, the innocent party who has evil thrust upon him.

Ray, an electrician (Cage) and his wife (Robin Tunney) invest in one of those strange, desert roadside hotels you usually steer clear of, with the intention of starting a new life. As Ray creeps around the motel, he discovers an old passageway with a two-way mirror spying on Room 10. When a hot sex worker shows up asking for that specific room, things get very interesting. Of course Ray sees more than he should—or wants to—and gets involved in a murder.

If this sounds like a ripped-from-the-headlines story, you’re not wrong. Voyeur, the Netflix documentary based on the New Yorker article by Gay Talese, is about a motel owner who liked to watch his guests doing the nasty through holes in the walls. No one was murdered in his documentary but the sinister sentiment is there.

Looking Glass opens February 16th.