Untogether, a Sex Comedy

Jamie Dornan, Jamima Kirke Are Unsure Lovers

BY: Claire Connors

What a relief it is to see our Mr. Grey finally having sex with someone besides Anastasia. And if you don’t know who those two S&M maniacs are, you might as well hang up your whips and chains.

In Untogether, the gorgeous Jamie Dornan, most recognizable in the 50 Shades of Grey thrillogy as the royally fucked up Christian, plays doctor-turned-writer Nick. Of course, he’s got commitment issues, and of course he meets his match with the equally beautiful, and equally romantically challenged Andrea.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Andrea is played by our favorite Girls character, Jemima Kirke, the voluptuous British-American performer who understands almost too well, how to play a recovering addict. Here, she’s a recently sober writer with one good book under her garter belt and little hope of finding her new voice while as a teetotaler. Against all odds and advice from well-meaning friends, these two misfits fall head over heels for each other, while kicking and screaming their way toward a real relationship.

Wait, but there’s more! At the same time, Andrea’s sister Tara (played by her real-life sister, Lola Kirke) is dating a hot but messy aging rock star (the delicious Ben Mendelsohn, whose ex Emma Forrest wrote and directed this comedy). Searching for meaning in her life, she becomes involved with a client (she’s a masseuse) who happens to be a rabbi. The always funny Billy Crystal plays the married rabbi trying to keep his emotions in check while his wife (hello, Jennifer Grey!) keeps a watchful eye on him.

There’s lots of good sex between all the characters, with Star Trek star Alice Eve showing up for a romp between the sheets with Jamie as well.

Untogether debuted at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival and is opening on February 8th.