The Sundance Darling

Andrea Riseborough starred in 4 dramas

BY: Claire Connors

The darling of the Sundance Film Festival 2018 was undoubtedly actress Andrea Riseborough, who arrived with a whopping four films to represent. The British actress may look familiar to PROVOKR readers, having played Billie Jean King’s (Emma Stone) hairdresser lover in last year’s biopic, Battle of the Sexes. She also starred in Crocodile, one of the episodes of the sci-fi drama series, Black Mirror.

But we’re here to talk about her movies at Sundance. First up is The Death of Stalin, a wildly hilarious political satire from a man who knows from political satires, Armando Iannucci, the savage mind behind one of the most searing shows on television, Veep. Along with such comedic talents like Steve Buscemi, Rupert Friend, Jeffrey Tambor, and Michael Palin, Riseborough plays Svetlana, the youngest daughter of the Russian dictator. Check out the video above.

Riseborough holds her own in the Nicolas Cage thriller Mandy, which is saying a lot, considering Nic can barely hold himself together in this supernatural action movie. In it, she plays lumberjack Nic’s artist girlfriend who is kidnapped by a cult leader, sending Nic into a frenzied, chainsaw-bearing state, leaving a lot of bloodied, dismembered bodies in his wake. Good times!

One of the best-received films at the festival was Burden, starring Garrett Hedlund as Mike Burden, a life-long racist who opens, basically, the K-Mart of KKK propaganda and souvenirs in South Carolina. He soon falls in love with a single mom (Riseborough) who, with the help of an African American Reverend (Forest Whitaker) slowly loosens the grasp of bigotry around Mike’s broken heart. The film has yet to be picked up for distribution, but we hope this tough film will be in theaters soon.

Finally, there is the mystery thriller, Nancy, which Riseborough not only stars in but co-produced. In it, she plays a increasingly disturbed young woman who becomes convinced she was kidnapped as a child. When she meets an older couple whose daughter went missing 30 years ago, she starts putting the pieces of her puzzle together, hoping for a happy ending.

As we wait for those films to be released, we can currently see Riseborough in the USA network dramatic series, Waco. Starring Taylor Kitsch as cult-leader David Koresh, it’s the true story behind the horrific and violent ending of a standoff between the Koresh and his followers and the FBI, with Riseborough playing one of Koresh’s many wives.

Waco is currently airing on the USA network.