The Allure of Obsession

Evan Rachel Wood Seduces a Young Admirer

BY: Claire Connors

The sci-fi thriller Westworld returns on HBO on April 22nd, in the meantime we’ll make do with actor Evan Rachel Wood‘s dark drama Allure. What starts out as a sweet infatuation between the teenaged Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) and her wealthy family’s housecleaner Laura, (Wood) turns into a clandestine and very inappropriate relationship.

Wood brings all the necessary emotion for her role as a battle-scared survivor of abuse who turns to her 16-year-old charge for a feeling of normalcy. Wrong decision, clearly. As the two fall hopelessly in love, Wood goes from the protector to the abuser and its up to young Eva to figure out her escape plan.

This is the debut film by Canadian brothers and fine artists, Jason and Carlos Sanchez but certainly won’t be their last. Audience response to its premier at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall was overwhelmingly positive. And we’re always happy to see Wood in anything involving intrigue and secrets.



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