The Aftermath

Alexander Skarsgård & Keira Knightly in Love

BY: Claire Connors

Based on Rhidian Brook’s 2013 international best seller, The Aftermath, this post-WWll drama is set in 1946 Germany, when the war-ravaged country was in ruins and its citizens were struggling with a new, post-Nazi identity.

To help with the transition, the British send military officials to Hamburg to oversee the rebuilding of the British occupied area. Jason Clarke, who seems to have been born to play drunken, unhappy husbands with short fuses (Mudbound, All I See is You, Serenity, The Man With the Iron Heart, Chappaquiddick), is Colonel Morgan, who arrives in the city with all good intentions. He is given a gorgeous home on the river Elbe that will house his still-grieving wife Rachael (Keira Knightly) and his remaining son (Fionn O’Shea), while he’s getting the work done.

The only problem, the mansion is still occupied by Stefan, a German widower (Alexander Skarsgård) and his emotionally broken daughter Freda (Flora Thiemann). Against Rachael’s wishes, Morgan invites them to stay and keep his family company while he’s busy fixing Germany. Sorry, but only a blind fool would actually arrange for his ridiculously hot wife to live with the even hotter Stefan. As Morgan begins to reconstruct Hamburg, Rachael and Stefan fall passionately in love, stealing away in the vast house for some very sexy clandestine encounters.

Of course, things will probably go terribly wrong but we’re holding out hope for a happy ending.

The Aftermath opens April 26, 2019.