Steve Carell’s Moment

Stars in Beautiful Boy with Timothée Charlamet

Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell in "Beautiful Boy"

BY: Claire Connors

For seven years, Steve Carell made us feel terribly uncomfortable playing the socially ignorant Michael Scott in the mockumentary TV series, The Office. Always making the dumbest decisions a boss could make in regards to his business, his team, and his love life, Carell managed to make us squirm and laugh at the same time. He certainly hit the right chord because won a Golden Globe for the part.

The Massachusetts native got his start in Chicago’s improv troupe, Second City, working along side fellow comedian Stephen Colbert. Here’s a rare clip of him performing, somehow making a serial killer amusing.

He stayed in television doing bit parts in popular comedies like Just Shoot Me and Watching Ellie before hitting it bit as a correspondent on The Daily Showplaying a roving reporter/interviewer for the fake news show (although it was usually more truthful than most real news programs). Again, he worked with Stephen Colbert.

When he jumped to movies, he starred in the huge 2005 hit, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, playing sweet, Andy, a nerdy Best Buy manager who has never “sealed the deal” with a woman. But it was his next role, in the dark, indie comedy, Little Miss Sunshine, that showed the world his depth. His portrait of Frank, a down-on-his-luck father trying desperately to get his family to the finals of his daughter’s beauty contest was phenomenal. After a slew of roles playing bumbling dads, in 2014 he got to play real-life nut job, John du Pont, a wealthy, eccentric wrestling fanatic who starts an Olympic wrestling team. Foxcatcher earned him his first Academy Award nomination.

Based on the two films Carell has coming out this fall, he may be in competition with himself, come Oscar time in 2019. In Welcome to Marwen, he plays Mark Hogancamp, the victim of a brutal beating who created a miniature WWII town to help cope with the slow recovery post- attack.

And in Beautiful Boy, he plays real-life writer David Sheff, an author and television journalist, with Academy-Award and Golden Globe nominee Timotée Chalamet as his drug-addicted son, Nic. If the heartbreaking trailer to this family drama doesn’t convince you that Steve Carell is a serious actor, nothing will.