Sexy Bodice Rippers

Colette, The Favourite, Mary Queen of Scots…

BY: Claire Connors

Nothing gets blood boiling, heartbeats racing, and chests heaving faster than a good old-fashioned, sultry period drama. Especially if they star amazing actors wearing tight corsets and rolled stockings. This fall we have four such sexy films, featuring many of our favorite (or favourite, if you’re British) stars. Hold on to your undergarments, it’s going to be a lusty ride!


Keira Knightley was practically born wearing a corset. She’s been starring in sexy period dramas for ages, including Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), Pride & Prejudice (2005), and now in Colette. The biographical drama is about the talented but creatively oppressed writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette who marries a Parisian writer (The Affair‘s Dominic West). He convinces her to ghostwrite his next novel, a semi-autobiographical story which becomes the talk of Paris, leading them both to affairs with men and women, and to her own fame. Expect lots of sex, especially between Colette and her female lovers.
Colette opens near end of the year, just in time for Oscar consideration.

Mary Queen of Scots

There’s so much star power in Mary Queen of Scots, the latest telling of the tale about the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and her cousin Mary Stuart, we don’t know where to begin! Margot Robbie, fresh off her Academy Award nominated role in I, Tanya, stars as the headstrong Queen of England. And from the looks of the trailer, Robbie once again goes for the unglamorous side of her character. Her competition in last year’s Oscar race, Lady Bird‘s Saoirse Ronan, plays the equally headstrong Mary, who was condemned to years of exile and imprisonment at the hand of Elizabeth. Rounding out the sexy cast is David Tennant (January Jones and Broadchurch), Guy Pearce (Prometheus), and hot-as-hell actor Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift‘s BF and a star in the upcoming Nazi drama, Operation Finale.
Mary Queen of Scots opens December 5th.

The Favourite

Speaking of the gorgeous Joe Alwyn, he’s also donning tights in The Favourite, aonther bio-pic about royalty. This time it’s about the seemingly crazy Queen Anne, who ruled England in the early 1700s and created the United Kingdom when she merged England and Scotland under one sovereign. Starring another Broadchurch alum and one of our favorite actors today, Olivia Colman as the frail Queen, and Rachel Weisz (Disobedience) as her confident and the secret ruler of GB. When a new servant arrives (Academy-Award winner Emma Stone), she proceeds to charm her ruler, causing powers to shift and upset the already delicate balance.
The Favorite opens November 23rd.

Mary Shelley

We’ve already covered Mary Shelley, but it bares mentioning again, especially in PROVOKR’s compilation of bodice rippers.The gorgeous Elle Fanning stars as Mary Shelley, the wife and passionate lover of poet Percy Shelley (Douglas Booth). During a getaway with Lord Byron (Tom Sturridge), Jane Claremont (Downton Abbey‘s Joanne Froggatt), and John Polidori (Ben Hardy), Mary begins her work on the ultimate ghost story and her most famous novel, Frankenstein. Of course, tragedy ensues. This is a gothic movie after all.
Mary Shelley hits screens later this fall.