Sexiest Movie Stripteases

A sizzling PROVOKR productions video

Above: Christopher Walken misbehaves in Pennies From Heaven (1981). Home page/Film page: Natalie Portman taunts in Closer (2004).

BY: Matt Elisofon

Here, edited together in a titillating montage, are PROVOKR’s picks for the 10 sexiest stripteases in the movies. There’s Kim Basinger giving Mickey Rourke a show in 9½ Weeks (1986). Demi Moore commands the stage in Striptease (1996). Cybill Shepherd takes it all off at a high-school pool party in The Last Picture Show (1971). Jamie Lee Curtis spices up her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies (1994). Michael Ontkean, as a pro hockey player, wows the crowd on ice in Slap Shot (1977). Neophyte Alex Pettyfer plays to the audience in Magic Mike (2012). And in Magic Mike XXL (2015), Stephen “Twitch” Boss shows Channing Tatum the way things are done in Jada Pinkett Smith’s female pleasure palace. A young and limber Christopher Walken interprets “Let’s Misbehave” in Pennies From Heaven (1981). Gwen Welles makes a roaring room of demanding men happy in Nashville (1975). And Natalie Portman shamelessly flirts with Clive Owen in Closer (2004). All in all, it’s a revelatory experience: these gifted stars disrobe with style to spare.


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