Sauvage: A Brutal Tale

A Male Hustler Looks for Love on the Streets

The life stories of street hustlers are varied and personal, but they do all have one thing in common: sex for pay. In Sauvage, the French film about Leo, a 22-year-old prostitute we get the full a picture of what it’s like to live and love on the streets of Strasbourg. And for Leo, it’s not just sex for pay, but sex for play as well. He’s a rent boy who really likes the intimacy with his johns, making his story even more complicated and ultimately more interesting.

As played by the remarkable Felix Maritaud, the actor who was discovered in a bar before his breakthrough performance in the French AIDS drama, BPM (Beats Per Minute), Leo is both charming and pitiful. He is perfectly happy selling his body for those brief moments of closeness in a life almost completely void of any true connection to others. Until he meets another more experienced sex worker, Ahd (Eric Bernard), and falls hopelessly—and hopefully—in love.

We follow Leo through his sexcapades with everyone from a sweet old man he cradles to sleep, to a violent hipster couple with a dangerous dildo, and yet we know he’ll never leave the life alive. There are warning signs everywhere of Leo’s fate but we remain optimistic that this sweet soul will find the comforts of a home and a family he so desperately wants.

Sauvage opens April 10th.