Robin Hood’s Sexy Men

Dornan, Egerton, Foxx, Mendelsohn

BY: Claire Connors

If you’ve been missing the seductive stare (among other things) of 50 Shades of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan, the wait will soon be over. The Irish actor, who slayed us as the ridiculously handsome psycho killer in the 2013-16 British series The Fall, is about to don tighty tights for the action/thriller Robin Hood. No, he’s not taking on the titular character (more on him later), but rather the equally mysterious Merry Man, Will Scarlet, best friend and half-brother to Robin. Oh, and in this film version, husband to Maid Marian, played by the lovely Eve Hewson, one of our favorite actors from the Cinemax series, The Knick. We see a fight brewing over Marian right there.

Jamie Dornan white t-shirt

In the role of Robin Hood is hot actor Taron Egerton, the boyishly handsome star of the two Kingsmen films, The Secret Service and The Golden Circle. In this movie, he’s even more deft with weapons than his Kingsman character Eggsy, whipping a very sexy bow around and shooting arrows at his enemies faster than Green Arrow.

Taron Egerton white t-shirt

Taking on the role of Little John is Academy Award-winning actor, singer, and comedian, Jamie Foxx, so good in last year’s actioner, Baby Driver. Here, he is Robin’s trainer in the art of archery and his character-builder, a part he was born to play.

Jamie Foxx profile

As for the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham, who else could play to him but the deliciously devilish actor, Ben Mendelsohn? After years of playing villains and other complicated men in movies like Mississippi Grind and the Netflix family drama, Bloodline, his take on the evil Sheriff with his thumb on the poor of Nottingham will be nothing less than terrifying.

Ben Mendelsohn head shot

With such rugged merry men, sexy medieval costumes, and pure action adventure, Robin Hood looks to be one of this holiday season’s most exciting movies. It opens November 21st.

Here’s the latest trailer for the film, showcasing Jamie Foxx’s character, Little John, training the young and impetuous Robin Hood.