Red Sparrow Flies

Jennifer Lawrence Kills it as a Russian Spy

BY: Claire Connors

Every time a new trailer for Jennifer Lawrence‘s upcoming spy-thriller Red Sparrow is released, we get excited. Very excited. In the film, Lawrence plays Dominika Egorova, a Russian ballerina recruited into Sparrow School, a deadly intelligence service where her long, lean, and flexible body comes in very handy when bringing down her prey. Enter a young CIA agent, (Joel Edgerton) who loves the cat and mouse they begin playing. The only question: who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?

The cast is packed with formidable performers. Beside Edgerton, most recently seen in Netflix’s Bright, we’ve got the always dependable CiarĂ¡n Hinds (Game of Thrones), the amazing Jeremy Irons (Justice League), Mary Louise Parker (Weeds), a bright spot in any film, and the tireless Charlotte Rampling (The Night Porter).

The newest trailer digs deeper into the personality of Lawrence’s character, and why she’s chosen this life. It also shows just how good she is at murder and mayhem.

Red Sparrow opens March 2nd.