Kristen Stewart

A starlet with an auteur spirit

Long before any of us heard of Twilight, Bella or her vampire boyfriend, Kristen Stewart was already a Hollywood veteran. Discovered at age nine in a school play, she found success almost immediately in The Panic Room playing Jodie Foster’s daughter. She worked steadily after that, with over a dozen credits to her name by the time Twilight made her a megastar.

The serious actress in Kristen Stewart has always shown through. Between each Twilight movie, Kristen (a Los Angeles native with a father, mother and brother in the biz) chose resonant characters in small, independent projects: in 2009 a conflicted love interest in Adventurelandin 2010 Joan Jett in The Runaways (for which she recorded her own vocals) and in 2012 the part of Marylou in On the Road.

Even now, Kristen Stewart is just starting to show us what she can really do. French director Oliver Assayas called her “the best actress of her generation” after her work on Clouds of Sils Maria in 2014. Stewart won the César Award (France’s Oscar equivalent) for that part, the first ever awarded to an American actress. She’s since appeared in auteur films like Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Woody Allen’s Café Society. Next up, you can see Stewart in her most recent Oliver Assayas project, Personal Shopper, an eerie Parisian ghost story that puts Stewart in communication with the spirit of her twin brother. Her performance, which she’s said is “really about loneliness” will stick with you long after the movie’s ended. Watch the trailer, above.