Oscar Isaac Is All That

The Hotshot Hunk of Star Wars Shines

BY: Zak Wojnar

Oscar Isaac‘s career was already clearly going places before he was cast in a little-known franchise called Star Wars; he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Inside Llewyn Davis, and managed to steal all his scenes in movies like Sucker Punch, Drive, and Ex Machina. To be honest, Disney was lucky to get Oscar Isaac to be in The Force Awakens, not the other way around!

Just one look at Isaac is all it takes to understand his universal appeal. He’s cool, sexy, charming, and yet still gives off a warm, “boy next door” vibe. Also, he doesn’t just play music in the movies; he’s really a musician! Before he went to the Juilliard School in New York City, he spent some time in a ska punk band called The Blinking Underdogs. He was one of those “straight edge” punks, though, so he wasn’t really that hot.

Of course, he is now! It doesn’t get much better than leading a group of Resistance pilots in a charge against the fascist First Order and confidently rallying your troops with this righteous line: “Go straight at ’em. Don’t let these thugs scare you!”

Up next, Isaac has (obviously) Star Wars: Episode VIII, where it’s been said he shares a great many scenes with the late, great Carrie Fisher, who plays General Leia Organa. After that, he’ll appear in 2018’s Annihilation, reuniting with his Ex Machina director, Alex Garland, and Life Itself, the new film from This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman.

Fun Fact: Originally, the Guatemalan actor was to be killed off early on in J.J. Abrams‘ revival of George Lucas‘s timeless space saga, but the director was so enamored with Isaac’s charismatic performance that he spared the character. It’s pretty telling that he’s presumed dead early on in the story before suddenly returning later on in the film.

Star Wars – Episode VII: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.