Amber Heard's Shockingly Sexual Noir Film

BY: Claire Connors

Have you Heard? London Fields, the newest movie starring the stunning Amber Heard is embroiled in a rather salacious and litigious controversy. Besides the fact that the film, which was made in 2013, also stars Johnny Depp, who Heard sued for divorce in 2016 after allegations of abuse came to light, the director, Mathew Cullen, sued the film’s distributors for reediting and then releasing it without his permission. It was infamously withdrawn from the 2015 Toronto Film Festival after its press screening and never heard of again. Except in the courts.

Soon the producers sued Heard for not completing the film, and then she sued THEM for using a body double so they could insert nude scenes she didn’t appear in. Oh the drama!

Here’s the low-down. London Fields is based on a Martin Amis mystery about Nicola Six (Heard), a clairvoyant femme fatale who has premonitions of her impending death by murder. She begins affairs with three men played by Billy Bob Thorton (Goliath), Theo James (Underworld: Blood Wars), and Jim Sturgess (Hard Sun), convinced one of them will be the means to her end. To add fuel to this hot property, it also stars the seductive Cara Delevingne and the aforementioned Depp, however his famous mug is only briefly seen in the trailer.

Speaking of the trailer, it’s the classic two and a half minute build of a story about an irresistible woman and the men she drives insane with a flick of her hair, a sway of her hips, and lick of her lips. It’s so sexy, we dare you to watch anywhere but in your boudoir, with scented candles lit.

London Fields opens in August.