Love on the Rocks

Saoirse Ronan's new drama about sexual chaos

BY: Claire Connors

Ian McEwan has been producing written stories so well-suited for cinema, it’s almost expected that his novels will end up on the big screen sooner or later. He’s had twelve books or short stories adapted to the screen, including the macabre The Cement Garden (1993) starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, 2007’s Atonement with Keira Knightley and Saoirse Ronan, and this year’s On Chesil Beach, also starring the luminous Saorise.

This sad tale starts out as a classic 50s love story. Saoirse is the young, seemingly innocent Florence, engaged to Edward (Billy Howie). The two are a good match, both looking forward to a happy marriage. On their wedding night, things go terribly wrong, and insinuations of abuse by Florence’s father (Sam West) surface. After what can only be called a sexual fiasco, the couple separates, haunted forever by what could’ve been.

Saoirse is certainly on a roll with her choices of parts in films and can do wrong. After her Academy Award nomination for last year’s Lady Bird, she has The Seagull with Elisabeth Moss and Annette Bening in May, and in November she’ll be playing the titular role in Mary Queen of Scots with Margot Robbie as her mortal enemy, Queen Elizabeth I.

We can’t wait to see what Saoirse’s got coming up next!