An observant and tense character study, starring Damian Lewis

Above: Abigail Breslin in Keane (2005). Home page/Film page: Damien Lewis in Keane. Photos courtesy Magnolia Pictures.


At the harshly lit Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, a man (Damian Lewis, of Homeland fame) looks for his young daughter, whom he has apparently lost. Or has he? He seems to be struggling with demons. When he meets a trusting stranger and her young daughter (Amy Ryan and Abigail Breslin), they hit it off, and he’s both helpful and potentially creepy. Lewis gives a remarkable performance in the tightly shot, no-frills character study that is Keane.

Written and directed by Lodge Kerrigan (Clean, Shaven; TV’s The Girlfriend Experience), who, Manohla Dargis of the New York Times writes, “both gives us a life at the edge of the abyss and pulls off an extremely deft narrative sleight of hand.” Says Kevin Thomas in the Los Angeles Times, “Keane is emotionally involving right from the beginning through its final frame.”