All Hail Halle Berry

The luminous star shines in the drama, Kings

BY: Claire Connors

It’s been 17 years since Halle Berry wowed us in Monster’s Ball. That romantic drama in which she plays the lonely wife of an executed killer, won Berry countless awards, including the Oscar for Best Actress. She cemented her place as the sexiest woman on earth a year later when she sauntered out of the waves in an orange bikini—knife on her hip—in Die Another Day. Her character Jinx proved to be a formidable ally to James Bond. But she was no ordinary Bond Girl. The moment she walked out of the ocean, Berry’s fame exploded.

Since then, she’s been perfectly balancing both drama (Cloud Atlas, Frankie and Alice) and lighter fare (Catwoman, X-Men), keeping all of her fans guessing what project the luminous actress will choose next.

Berry goes for the jugular with her newest film, Kings. Set during the weeks surrounding the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles, she plays a single mom who falls for her neighbor (Daniel Craig) while trying to keep her kids safe in a very dangerous neighborhood. This is the kind of role in which Berry truly shines…and gets her noticed around award season.

Kings open April 27th.