Great Scott Eastwood

He Kicks Cyborg Butt in Pacific Rim Uprising

BY: Claire Connors

Scott Eastwood’s current project, Pacific Rim Uprising, isn’t your typical PROVOKR fare. An action/adventure/sci-fi flick about a team of young fighters called Jaeger pilots, obliterating a band of cyborg monsters called Kaiju, doesn’t exactly make us feel all sexy and warm inside. But with hot stars like the adorable John Boyega (Star Wars) and the handsome Eastwood, of course we’ll sit through the many battle scenes to get to some hubba-hubba moments with those eye-candy actors.

We’ve had our eye on Eastwood ever since he officially followed in his father Clint’s boot prints as a bronc rider in 2015’s romantic drama, The Longest Ride. Last year’s The Fate of the Furious and the other car/crime action drama Overdrive, made Eastwood an official member of the summer blockbuster club.

But it’s Scott’s rugged, manliness yet sensitive acting style that keeps us hoping he’ll show up in a more heady, dare we say it, sexy drama. Our prayers perhaps will be answered with his next project, The Manuscript. In it, he plays an ambitious junior editor for a big publishing company who finds a manuscript written by a prisoner that details an unsolved diamond heist. But it is all a hoax? We’ll have to wait rather impatiently for the answer to that question, as the movie has just started filming.

In the meantime, Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 23rd