Film Noir’s Sexiest Scenes

Steamy Body Heat, Naughty Basic Instinct


BY: Matt Elisofon

Baby, it’s hot inside. The temperature is rising in the bedroom, especially when you take a gander at PROVOKR Productions latest Sexiest Scenes, featuring the hottest, steamiest, most provocative moments in our favorite modern film noir movies.

To the intensely dramatic music from Basic Instinct by composer Jerry Goldsmith, watch as Sharon Stone seduces the LAPD pervs with a slip of her dress, exposing her lady parts. See Kathleen Turner take down her gullible lover, William Hurt, in Body Heat. In Blue Velvet, masochist Isabella Rossellini submits to both the sadistic Frank (Dennis Hopper) and the innocent boy played by Kyle McLachlan. And in Sin City, the voluptuous Carla Gugino seduces her prey in a barely-there S&M costume.

And let’s not forget the prolifically sexy Michael Douglas. In Basic Instinct, Stone takes him for the ride of his life (or is it the end of his life?) and in Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close nearly kills him with her sexy elevator moves. Who knew The Wasp‘s daddy was such a horny young man?