Eyes on Sandra Bullock

She's Blinded by Fear in Netflix's Bird Box

BY: Claire Connors

There have been so many actresses dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” (we’re looking at you, Meg Ryan), it’s hard to keep track with who’s considered the latest Queen of the Cuties crop. One name that seems to rise to the top of the list every couple of years is the quick-witted Sandra Bullock. Always considered a girl-next-door beauty (i.e., unintimidating), the Deutch-speaking actor (she was an army brat raised in Austria and Germany) got her big break in the 1994 Keanu Reeves driven mega-hit, Speed—of course, she was the bus driver in that thriller.

Over the next twenty-five years, she’s acted in rom-coms, dramas, murder mysteries, and animated musicals. She’s directed, she’s produced, she’s sung, hell, she’s even kissed Meryl Streep…on the mouth (take that Madonna and Britney Spears!). She consistently makes us laugh, makes us swoon, and makes us want to be her!

She took a couple of years off to adopt her adorable babies, Louis and Laila, and start a sweet relationship with someone who actually deserves her, photographer Bryan Randall. But this year Sandra’s is back with a BANG! starring in and producing the feminist crime comedy, Ocean’s 8, and this holiday season, she appears in the apocalyptical thriller, Bird Box, for Netflix. The streaming service must really believe in this one since they’re showing the film in a “limited theatrical release” for one week at the end of December to be considered for the Oscars.

And it’s no wonder Netflix is excited, considering the pedigree of this film. It’s helmed by the Danish Academy Award– and Emmywinning writer/director Susanne Bier, better known here for her insanely smart and intense AMC series, The Night Manager, starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. And of course, there’s Ms Bullock, who won her Oscar for 2009’s family drama, The Blind Side. Alongside Bullock is Emmy- and Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson, Oscar nominee John Malkovich, and Tony-winning actor BD Wong.

Set in present day, Bird Box stars Bullock as a mother of two who is forced to flee her city in the aftermath of a global terrorist attack by unknown and unseen forces. The only way to survive is to blindfold yourself, to prevent yourself from seeing your worst fear and committing suicide…in a really awful, terrifying way. Much like last spring’s humongous hit, A Quiet Place, this horror film’s premise requires depriving yourself of one very necessary fifth sense to avoid a certain death, and is destine to scare the bejesus out of everyone with sight. Be sure to bring your darkest sunglasses for when you leave the theater.

Bird Box is on Netflix and opens December 21stin theaters.