Elton John’s Rocketman

The New Biopic Explores the Singer's Many Sins

Taron Egerton as Elton John and Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin (above)

BY: Claire Connors

As much as critics have panned the fabulous Bohemian Rhapsody, we at PROVOKR love it, especially the moving performance by Rami Malek. The movie may be short on facts and long on corn, but we can’t help thinking that the reason the film works so well is the use of Queen’s original music and Freddie Mercury’s spectacular voice.

Which brings us to the upcoming biopic about another outrageously flamboyant performer named Elton John. Rocketman stars one of our favorite talents, Taron Egerton, best known for his role as Eggsy Unwin in both 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service and last year’s Kingman: The Golden Circle. But if you go the cinema expecting to hear Sir Elton John’s familiar vocals, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Apparently John told Egerton not to copy him, but embody his spirit in his interpretation. In other words, as Egerton told talk show host Graham Norton on a recent episode, “I sang every single note.”

This isn’t Egerton’s first time at the Elton John rodeo. He sang the hit “I’m Still Standing” in the adorable animated musical film, Sing in 2016. So the producers knew the actor could pull of the near-impossible, of making an audience forget they’re watching someone “play” Elton, and actually believe in his performance.

The film follows John’s career, from his early days of working with writing partner Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), to his bourgeoning affair with manager/lover John Reid (Richard Madden, so good in Game of Thrones and Bodyguard), and his difficult relationship with his mother Sheila (Bryce Dallas Howard). It also covers John’s well-known spiral into drug and alcohol addiction. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, John’s husband and co-producer of Rocketman, David Furnish, said that the inclusion of that painful time in John’s life was necessary because “the rehab recovery moment was a real watershed moment in his life, and it’s a great way to focus the storytelling around that.”

Rocketman opens May 17, 2019. But if you’re aching to see Egerton even sooner, he’ll soon be starring in the action adventure, Robin Hood, playing the handsome robber himself. But as thrilling as it was to play that fictional thief, Egerton counts the making of Rocketman as his ultimate performance. Says Egerton, “Making Rocketman has been the single greatest experience of my life.” What can possibly top that?

Robin Hood opens November 21st.